Harmful Items like poisonous berries

Is there any way that i can make it where if you pick up a certian item it deals damage by picking it up.

You would have to use a checker to check if the player has that item and then have lasers all over the map to activate if the checker is true.

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You could also use a pseudo-health to deal damage in a property and then when their health is zero they respawn. Very helpful if you want to avoid making lots of lasers.

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can you explain better how to do this

This is the official guide to using pseudo-health, basically you use a property for each player that tracks a fake health, but doesn’t correspond to the player’s actual health, which is why it’s called “pseudo”-health. then when this counter of fake health reaches zero, you use a respawn device to respawn the player.

Really, the only way to do this is with pseudo-health. It’ll be a long process, but it’ll work.