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Again, I’ve just about finished, the last thing I’m trying to do is (make the game end when all of the players have “escaped” via the teleporters to the “Treater lobby”, or once they’ve all been tagged) and (place waypoints on players who have answered a question incorrectly, and remove them once the player[s] in question have answered a question correctly).

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@WolfTechnology already showed me everything there, but thanks for the idea.

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Oh, spur of the moment addition, I have little wands scattered around the map, and I want to make where the Trickster slows down when they’re hit.

On second thought, nah.

Wait, yes. Can’t have the Treaters running around with wands that respawn the Trickster.

Okay, for number 1, you could try questioner → trigger (with randomized self removing block code) waypoint (player) so that when a incorrect answer is gotten, a random waypoint is activated on them. If you need help with the block code, just ask!

Oh wait, there’s block code… I remember figuring that out earlier… Now… Thanks.

Also, for number two, do you mean all treaters ever, or all living treaters?

It’s not the easiest block code. It’s function is to randomly pick a waypoint to put on a player, remove that waypoint from the RNG pool, and add that waypoint back in if a question is correct.

All living treaters.

Sorry for the wait. Have a live player counter run that counts every treater. In the zone, have the game check (are you using psuedo teaming or real teaming to denote teams?) if the entering player was a treater. If so, increment a counter -property unit and check (probably using a checker or a trigger) if the property from the live player counter is equal to the property from the zone. If true, give the treaters team a point (so they win) and end the game. Also, if a treater (have the game check) leaves the zone, have the counter decrement.

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That sounds really great, but I don’t know how to do that. As far as I know, the counter doesn’t have a “live player” target, and it doesn’t have blocks. So how would I build this exactly?

Check out this guide! When I say live player counter, I mean the device system, not an option in settings.

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So far, this is a solution, but I have just one last thing for this; I don’t know how to get the checker to check between the two counters.