Had a popular map get deleted

I had a 8,000 played map and still in first month but then I got deleted

did you get any message?

does that mean???

what does that mean…

did it break any of the guidlines?

like did you receive an email saying why it got taken down

no it did not at all

what was it about
and have you read the guidlines?

Did you purposely delete it and you are only making this topic to find a way to get it back?

it was a Fortnite 5v5 map

was it removed from discovery or deleted?

no I that did not happen


it was deleted from discovery then put it back on but did not do well

Wait, isn’t it considered “advertising” by saying your maps name?

bruuuh its gimkit you cant make money

if it was removed from discovery gimkit or someone else had a problem with it

I don’t know it just wasn’t there anymore when I tried checking it out

and I don’t even say the name

he never did though…

the only way for it to get removed by someone else is gimkit did it
gimkit felt it did not follow the guidelines and did not belong there