Had a popular map get deleted

it probally got taken down because something was wrong with it.

try searching up the name.
it might of just gotten removed from the new tab or trending tab

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oh yeah, that’s probably true

Can you send a screenshot to us so we can figure it out or something?

What was the thumbnail like?

How would they send a screenshot of a deleted map?

it just got removed from discovery
they added it again but not many people played it
now they are complaining about it not being popular and want it to be popular


I mean send a screenshot of the publish area in the editor.
Or the GKC build tab.

it got put back. they said so


Why are they asking us? It’s not our problem.

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exactly and not something we can fix but tell them to ask gimkit

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You can email gimkit about that stuff now?

you can report to them and ask them things
don’t think they will listen to a complaint about a map though

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I suppose you can with @hellogimkit.com or something like that…

if its removed from discovery it didn’t follow the guidelines that’s it
review the map before adding it again


Well, i don’t think they need to email gimkit since it’s already back again.
So the only thing is they want it to be popular.
Does the play count restart when you republish a game back again?

pretty sure it does and if it disappears for a while they stop playing

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What do you mean disappears for a while?

From the front page or “New Releases?”

  1. The Fersion goes “jghsdlfkghdslfgh” ↩︎

most likely it takes you a while to realize it was removed

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