Guys i need ideas and tips

i need ideas and tips to create a shooter on Gim kit that you can do one player against senteies and multiplayers aginst others but i need ideas and tips but one bg thing i nedd is to make it where sentries can move (if possible)

You cant really make sentries move without extensive animation. But in the beginning you could have like 2 different passages, for pvp and sentry battles.

Sorry sentries cant move

thanks for letting me know if you need ideas or tips just let me know

okay thanks but do you have any ideas about what i should do like what objectives should be available when playing

Wdym objectives?

Objective means like goals or stuff to do in game @The_7th_Dragon

Oh, well, @warangel0415 what is your game themed…

like capture the flag death match and defuse the bomb and more

You could have tasks such as “Kill 10 Sentries” or “Unlock The Legendary Snowball Launcher”

Yeah, you would need to use an animation to move a sentry.

can you tell me how to

that isnt really what im looking for

All the guides i found were patched…

Would you mind elaborating more than please? Sorry, just trying to understand so I can help.

Well, I used like a prop to move, like a snowman or something but I wouldn’t know how to do a space themed prop.

like death match, capture the flag, or defuse the bomb and similar stuff

Oh so like the main objective of the game. I get it now.

Maybe it could be something like escaping an area and while on your way, you have to kill sentries blocking you from escaping.

For defuse the bomb you could have two teams and when one team enters a zone with a scope it triggers a delayed trigger that okaces down a bomb. Then is activates another zone while deactivating the first zone, and the new zone has a scope of the other team and when the team enters the zone it triggers a trigger that has a longer delay and when the delay is over the game ends.

okay but i also need a way to mke it work with one player