Guide to Advanced wire and channel mechanics

This is a follow-up to my last guide, so make sure to read it first if you are new and haven’t read it yet.
Quick Recap from my last guide
Channels are very broad in their effect, well wires are specific. You can use Signal Converters to change a signal into a wire and vice versa.
Tick Order
This is a Quantum mechanic from Clay Institute (found under this post) and it’s weird
For some reason, when a Cause occurs (like a trigger) that tells a few teleporters to “Teleport here” the one that is wired up first is Teleported to. The wire that is wired first will be done first, which is not the same as AOU. Blackhole927 goes into more depth with this subject, but this is an exception due to the game detecting that 2 teleporters are emitting an effect in a few ticks and stops the later ones, only letting the first one work.
Wire Orientation
This is another weird mechanic, and it has to do with how wires are placed. It goes like this:
If the EFFECT is LEFT and BELOW the CAUSE, the wire will go DOWN then LEFT
If the EFFECT is RIGHT and BELOW the CAUSE, the wire will go RIGHT then DOWN
If the EFFECT is RIGHT and ABOVE the CAUSE, the wire will go LEFT then UP
If the EFFECT is RIGHT and ABOVE the CAUSE, the wire will go UP then RIGHT
This is slightly useful when replicating screenshots as then you have an idea of what a cause and what its effect

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It is literally AUO lol

Not really, no. You’re teleported to the first one first, and then the .5 second teleporter delay kicks in, so you can’t be tped again. And the reason AUO happens is–from what I could tell after talking with Josh–everything is appended into a list, and the things that are placed in the list first are run first.

They go clockwise.

AUO is a pretty simple concept. It’s been explored to the extent that it can be explored. There are other resolution issues to be found, but AUO is pretty solidly done.


I make my guides to help, and I don’t have much experience in Gimkit Quantum Mechanics or AUO. I’m still fairly new, but improving

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Fair enough. Just wanna make sure people aren’t getting misinformed. Glad that you’re going into technical Gimkit though! :slight_smile:


Nice guide! I think I could use it.

Personally, how I learn most programs like Gimkit creative is messing around. that’s how I discovered the slightly cursed prop channel-wire converter