Guide debate about art guides

Discuss your opinion on the large amounts of art guides, and what the next steps should be for the forums.

Personally, my opinion on the matter is that we just need a new category just for art. A lot of these people are new to the forums and maybe even GKC in general, so art may be easier to make than the traditional mechanic guide. However, they don’t really belong in the community made guides section, as most of them are really easy, and can on average be made faster than a mechanic guide, which is why we need a design category. A win-win for all parties.

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If we thought we needed one two months ago, action has to be taken now.

Now that device posts aren’t so obsolete, we can’t just move them there…

Yep, I agree. Community Made Guides is meant on tutorials on how to make certain mechanics into Gimkit Creative.

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We’d have to suggest it to josh since he’s the admin (or contact a mod who can relay the message.) Since a lot of art guides are really short, we can also standardize compiling all your art guides into one post.

I agree with @ClicClac. It would make the forum a lot easier to search for.

Yeah. Art guides should have their own category.

This is not really a debate, it’s just a universal agreement…

I contacted the mods in June about this. They said they’ll think about it.

I guess that’s a no then.

Well, we should make a community-wide PSA about compiling art guides. It’s the best we can do…

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