Glitching Screen

This is hard to explain and I don’t feel like explaining it again (I explained it to Prodigy Zendesk* too). So here’s the (modified) copy+paste of it:

This is hard to explain, but if I load up walk in Prodigy Gimkit and start playing, the screen just starts flashing. An orange screen black screen appears for a second or two, the contents of the screen (e.g. hotbar, vending machine sprites, etc) disappear and come back, and it’s just a mess. The best way I can describe it is watching lightning bolts during a thunderstorm (ironically, there’s a thunderstorm right now)** - you see it, and you don’t. The items are there one second, they’re gone the next, and they’re back suddenly. Also, this keeps on happening, appear, disappear, appear. This is an eyesore to look at and could probably be put with an epilepsy warning if someone recorded it. Speaking of recording, along with many other (visual) glitches in other games, recording it will cause the game to “behave” more and the glitch will be less annoying. Also, taking screenshots won’t work because the flashing is simply too fast to pick up.

If this is disorienting, just focus on the green highlighted stuff and not the red strikethroughs.

More info:

  • My internet is good/strong.
  • My Gimkit map’s memory usage is 70%.

*Don’t bother me about playing Prodigy. Sure, the sprites suck and stuff, but Prodigy’s my childhood and I still find some nostalgia in it. Also, Winterfest came so…
**There’s not a thunderstorm anymore. That was 20 hours ago when I wrote that.


Maybe try shutting down and restarting?

nope. the glitch still persists. and now it’s going where i don’t even have to move for it to glitch

For people who keeps getting distracted by the read and green lines, i’ll help.

the thunderstorm part was meant to be deleted actually (that was almost a day ago)

Is it only GKC where it glitches?

i’m gonna test that now

if this keeps on happening, you could just play on another device

pretty much

I used to love prodigy!

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me too until they went downhill (especially sprites) but im not here to cause a fight


i hated when they reskinned evrything so i gt bored and hacked it if you want it i can give you my account

Try cleaning your cache. @eiqcrmeliutgwhc

I would suspect that would be a problem with your screen if it happens everywhere but if it persist I would recommend clearing your cache or using a different device.

if everyone’s solution doesn’t work, you might have a virus. have you tried scanning your glitching device?

If he really does, i am kinda an expert at chromebooks (if he’s using one), so here it goes:

Search + Esc to open up Task Manager. Also press Ctrl + Search + Esc to open up Diagnostics.

If you see a virus in the task manager, end it immediately. Run the CPU test on the Diagnostics and if it’s high, there might be a possible chance it’s a virus or it’s just gimkit.

i don’t think he’s using a chromebook

ontopic now

Chromebooks don’t get viruses. Unless you install a weird extension.

This is a GPU issue. That could explain the corrupted graphics. Try these steps:

  1. Hardware reset / cold boot.
  2. Check for loose connections .
  3. Lower GPU clock speed using an app like MSI Afterburner.
  4. If all else fails, please service your device to your authorized repair dealer.

This issue is a hardware issue.

i am though but i can’t get on it yet

also it’s managed too

If that’s the cause, then press refresh+power to do a hardware reset. If it presists, ask the organization to replace your device.