Gimkit Update Schedule

I getting curious but what time or day do Gimkit update Gimkit Creative?

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Wendsday for shop, other stuff when they feel like it. You can see when the season ends on the season ticket page though.

They really only update it when its ready. (I know I’m impacient too)

today a new update. Maybe DLD and season 3 ticket

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What does DLD Mean??

Don’t look down.

don’t look down or platformer


Ohhh got it //////////

Today at 2 pm EST, Gimkit will:

  • Update the Shop
  • Probably roll out the new Season Ticket ($5)
  • May announce a new gamemode, release a new gamemode, add DLD to Creative, and/or something else that is new, like the Sound Effect Device that we still haven’t gotten.

Timed Updates:

Seasonal Tickets: Change Every 2 Months
Item Shop: Change Every Week On Wednesdays
Weekly XP: Change Every Week (If You Could Not Tell)


Sorry but Coolcaden26 have the time (which is 2 pm EST)

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Also, all of this info (including time) is available if you just look in the rewards page.


Oh My Bad ///////////

Put extra characters in these

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to bypass the 20 character limit.


It’s every 3 months, @DoubleDash.

@Roberta, the next game-mode will be about something underground, most likely a drilling game. It was strongly hinted at in the Discord.

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Alright, @Gimkit101. I did not know. My bad. :sweat_smile:

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No prob. I’m going to be doing a breakdown of the new game on my blog, GimStream, BTW.

Lets let this close, though - it’s getting too far off-topic.

Uhhhh… no it wasn’t lol. The event mentioned that they were going with an underground theme, no hints were made as to if there is even a new game mode lol. Don’t jump to these massive assumptions haha

(That’s not to say there won’t be, it’s just that we haven’t been given anything to to prove that there will be one, and just because it’s an underground theme doesn’t mean it’s a drilling game)


Well this is not relevant to gimkit creative building…these type of things go in update posts.
And they ended it so let it end, it’s not up to us to decide whether or not we want to keep it open, it’s up to the owner of post.

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