Gimkit storm system

What I am trying to figure out is how to make a proper, seamless, and working storm system like Fortnite. it closes in real time and when you get out you take damage. it has to be possible, I know it is. but the farthest I’ve gotten was making it not seamless and sudo health to damage the player. and when it closes and you aren’t in the zone, you don’t take damage.

this would help a lot in mrbeast style games, fortnite gk, cod gk, pubg gk, game show things, and more

I mean you can make your own version…but this is the closest we’ve gotten…


There really isn’t anything you can do except the guide @The_7th_Dragon gave you. This topic is not investigated much.


you can use colored zones as well

You could make a repeater and a counter. When the counter reaches a certain number, there is a barrier that gets closer and closer to the middle.

that is a part of what i am doing

I am using those, but they aren’t very effective

its the most effective way you can do it

but I want you to be able get out of the storm

we should figure out a more effective way

there is no more effective way, please mark a solution

not yet, I still think it is possible

@michaelispoggers this is not revolutionary, it is impossible, please remove clay institute tag. your vote can’t last for 2 minutes before you put the tag. wait a day or so. this only helps a battle royale too


fine. but I still think this will help alot

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what do you mean by can’t last 2 minutes before you put the tag?

you have to get some time for the poll to get voted on

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