Gimkit Creative Item Count

@ClicClac why’d you need to know this?

(just wondering)

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I wanted to calculate the max amount of teams possible with the discovery of NPT, because @here_to_help said that the finite different items in Gimkit was a flaw in psuedo teaming. I did get an answer, but it’s not that revealing.


You could just as easily use combinations of items and amounts, so we don’t have to worry for 60 players.

Yeah, I got 6.7 x 10^15. There are only 8 x 10^9 people on the planet, meaning for every person on the planet, there are around a million different teams we could put them on.

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That wasn’t even the main flaw I stated. The main flaw was players dropping items.

Which can easily be solved with a single zone.


There’s an option to disable items from being discarded while in the zone.

Yeah, but what if you need players to be able to drop items? Also, if you are going to use the zone, just do it in map settings.

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