Gimkit Creative Item Count

How many items are in GKC, and how many can you hold at a time? Need it for a calculation.

I think its 3 resource slots and 1-5 device slots. Not sure though.

I think 39 devices.


I wrote the question wrong, let me try again.

How many of each item?

you can hold an almost unlimited amount of any item other than gadgets or comsumables (it’s like 999999999999999 or smthn)

Ya I worked on a game that had a upgrade that surpassed the number amount…so I do think it’s that number like quadrilion.

But what is the exact number? One trillion - 1? One quintillion - 1? How many items can you have?

It might be the maximum number a property can hold.

there are 67 different items, excluding gadgets and consumables

Correct! I counted I think earlier or yesterday, forgot why.

you can give only 999,999,999,999,999 items at a time with an item granter

I know the item limit is finite, and I also know that properties can store infinity as a number.

Is that the inventory item limit though?

is the most bananas I could fit in my inventory

One quadrillion-1. Thank you.

Did you test it with other items, or only banana?

just bananas but i’m gonna do something else in a sec

its the same

Okay, good. Y’know how Gimkit is, full of bugs. Just double checking😁