Gimkit Creative, and its History (3 minute read)

Public Service Annoucement

You’re probably confused on what Gimkit Creative is. You might be new to Gimkit, or you never used gimkit for a while.
This guide shows what’s Gimkit Creative and How it works, there’s also about other stuff, like the forums, but we’ll get into that later.

#1: What’s Gimkit Creative?

Let’s start with the old eras, and how Gimkit Creative was born.

On Gimkit’s tweets on Twitter, Josh and his team, Pharlain and Jeffo, have been making gamemodes in gimkit for awhile.

Josh thought, what if EVERYONE made their own gamemodes? It would be a cool idea, and students would love making these.

So, in 2021, they started working on Gimkit Creative, and by 2021, I mean the project took 2 YEARS to be finished. Crazy, i know.

They announced in May 2023 on their help page and Twitter - it would be released in May 2023, but no date, so it will be like 5/??/2023.

After a few days, they officially announced that Gimkit Creative was going to be out in Thursday, May 11, 2023. Now, not just they will create games, but other people will enjoy Gimkit Creative and building their maps.

On May 11, there was no delay, and it got released. Now, students would be able to create their games now, and it’s currently in Early Access, meaning Bugs will occur. Gimkitters have to complete the Creative Tutorial first to have their fun.

Now, on the real part, Gimkit Creative is about building your OWN maps. Your imagination of building your game has come, and now, you can ACTUALLY build the maps.

#2 - On the day Gimkit Creative was born, do you have to ask for help here when you’re stuck on a problem?

Currently, Yes. But, when gimkit creative was born, the forums never existed. You had to sign up for the Gimkit Creative Community on Discord and in channels, ask for help there.

Now Josh made an update, and they made a forum, and the Gimkit Creative Documents, but let’s focus on the Forums right now.

Josh made a forum in the forum platform called “Circle”, where you ask help for there, and in the beginning of the forums, you could share your gamecodes and publish links.

Due to lack of spam on the forums asking for people to play their games, josh made a rule where if you post your game codes / publish links, your account will be suspended. People were happy about it, because now gimkitters have HELP from it.

Everything was fine, turned out on the old forums of circle, Reckoner joined. They were a massive problem in the old forums, because they false report everything.

You may ask, “Can’t just the flags come into the owner’s notifications, and they can decline the report when it’s false?” NO. In that platform, false reports were allowed, and 1 report makes a post go “bye-bye”. And all of that, the whole forums were gone, including the guides.

Josh and their team had nothing to do because the moderation tools they have isn’t enough, so they shut the forums, and moved into Discourse Forums. The moderation tools they had was awesome, so they moved here and it’s a perfect place.

Now, let’s talk about the Documents. The documents for Gimkit Creative is when you want to learn something, like a device, or a mechanic, Documents is the perfect place. Nothing isn’t wrong with it, and i think that’s good.


And i think that’s it! Thanks for reading this guide, and happy Gimkitting!


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