Gimkit Anniversary Surprise Poll/Question

im a bit confused, but ok. I guess people are either jeolous or just are rude in general


You get hate? You never get hate! You RULE!

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ok sorry for bieng off topic. Also , who else should go on the wiki?

definition of a functioning normal human


Read the replies, now back on-topic!


everyone else Here_to_Help has good advice

what is that whole pizzazz of enthusaiasm going on there

This post is actually gonna drive me insane. A help topic doesn’t need almost 500 replies. Not even most guides have that many.


@Foxy, just a question:
Why did you remove @Anythinger? They were a long-time OG, and extremely helpful!


there is a very helpful and big button that mutes the replies
could that be the cure you are looknig for?

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yes!!! i agree

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DO NOT add me. Unless I do something really helpful or kind, or stop being off topic, DON’T. (THIS IS TRUE.)

No, I’m not talking about notifications.

Oh you must have edited while I was if we edit at the same time one of them overrides the other
feel free to add them again and please check if someone else is editing


oh sorry
so what r u talking about?

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We should add the checkbox. I’ll do that now.

you can check in the corner as well is someone is there and can it be a poll I do not need pings for people clicking it for fun

The fact that this topic is just kinda messy and my brain always gets a little ticked off, and then gets curious why there’s so many replies on the menu and why this is at the top of the list every second and more.

What? What do you mean joined late?