Gimkart Thumbnail Request

I need a high quality thumbnail for my MarioKart Style game. It is called “GimKart!”. (excitation mark included) I would like it to include 3 gims racing on a track, with a big text that says “GimKart!”. This would be appreciated, thanks!

let me try to make one

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Ok thank you @AnyPerson

I have one I could redisgn for you real quick.
Screenshot 2024-04-01 132111
I’ve decided I’ll just redisgn mine.

OK, let me see it. @Captain-Gim

Ok got ya! @Captain-Gim

I thought u were @MOON :skull:


What do you mean… I am…

This is my new thumbnail though, so use the first one @DDerryberry.


the pfps are really confusing


Lol im totally LlamaLady22! I am writing very slowwwwww

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yea especially when u try pinging someone :rofl:


Can I please try to help as well

For real, like, i am LlamaLady22!!!


Sure! Go at it! @The-realgimkitMaster

okay so here is my thumbnail

OK nice I like it!! No… I love it!! Nice job.

You wanna do a pole for the thumbnail?

If you were to see the thumgnails which one would you do?

Which is better?
  • Cap’s
  • Anyperson’s
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@MOON you wanna know my password so we can truly switch? (Joking)

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The backround is really realisic compared to the gims…

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here I made a few edits but its @DDerryberry 's decision if they choose mine

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I’ll also make one.