Gimhook Mod Help

So gimhook - yeah that one - the mod for gimkit that includes things like zoom mods, click tp mods, ect.

I have been looking around and am wondering if you can get that on a chromebook. Mine isn’t a school managed chromebook and has access to Linux.

I just don’t know how to set it up… can anyone help?

By the way, I can’t access any discord…
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Actually hold on,

image (When you click on the image, it takes the link provided in the image).

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Gimhook creator here. Do you have crostini (The crosvm-based linux environment inside of ChromeOS) enabled?

If you care about speed (on lower-end chromebooks crostini can be very slow if you’re not careful), the RW_LEGACY trick works really well. And as the above screenshot (which is real, by the way) states too, I personally do that trick. However, you’ll need a flash drive with a linux image on it (I use Debian and occasionally postmarketOS in my case) and some knowledge of GNU/Linux things. Gimhook 0.1.0-rc3 was actually built and published from a Chromebook in RW_LEGACY mode, no joke :sweat_smile:

However, crostini is by far the easiest way to do it, and works seamlessly with other ChromeOS apps. Admittedly I haven’t tested Gimhook on it, but the only issue I know of would be performance, and that depends on the chromebook and ChromeOS version.


I would probably do the easy way and 1st mentioned way (also because I don’t have a flash drive with the Linux image on it)

Except what @Hikiko mentioned in the discord photo was

Yeah one problem, I know how to open the terminal and everything but I don’t know how to use the terminal to open gimhook with the file…

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Yeah one problem, I know how to open the terminal and everything but I don’t know how to use the terminal to open gimhook with the file…

I can just tell you the commands…

sudo apt install zstd git
zstd -d gimhook-linux-x64.tar.zst
tar -xvf gimhook-linux-x64.tar

And then once you have it downloaded and extracted:

cd gimhook-linux-x64

(use ./gimhook --debug-mode if you want to enable chromium devtools)


Wow! Ok let me try it and see if it works - I’ll be back

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Yay! Ok so I got in!
Further Question, how are you able to download mods?

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There is no one source for mods… at least not yet… There was an attempt to make a mod database at Enhanced Movement | Gimhook Wiki, but it was unofficial (I didn’t make it) and completely dead nowadays.

I would recommend reading gimhook/docs/sdk/ at master - gimhook/gimhook -, as it contains all of the information you will need for making mods. It’s actually not that hard, especially since 0.1.0-rc3 has window.stores and window.platformerPhysics.

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Don’t forget the gimhook discord is also a good place to get mods.

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blackhole failing to read the original post moment (real) :skull:


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Uhhh… I’m not seeing it lol

I’m referring to this:

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Oh that part haha.


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