Gimhook Help the mod

i was downloading gimhook and right when its finished it says virus detected bruh :skull:
is that normal or shouid i not download it

Off-topic. Not GKC related, you might get flagged.

Well what did you download what did it say?

Kinda is GKC related

Maybe put this in bugs?

The gimhook peaple tell me its safe its a gimkit mod and hasnt been flagged yet my antivirus detected it and im scard
it said
Couidnt download - Virus detected

Where did you download it from

Try one more time, but if that also says virus detected, I suggest not downloading it

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The post aka Releases - gimhook/gimhook - which is the website and the post is A simple guide for Gimhook - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative


Gimhook is safe to download, and the fact that it says it is a virus is simply because the creator, Hexaheximal doesn’t want to pay to become a registered developer or whatever. I can assure you though, gimhook is perfectly safe, and it’s also open source so you can look through the code yourself if you want.

That being said though, the forums aren’t for gimkit modding. If you have additional questions about gimhook, I would ask in the gimhook discord server.

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ok since i know you and your a pro creator i trust thanks :smiley:

Yep, that’s the right page!

I should mention though, as with all modding, there is risk in running mods on your device. Be careful what mods you run, because although gimhook is safe, some mods may not be. Keep that in mind, and stay safe!

(If you want a safe place to get mods from, the gimhook discord (specifically the mod-showcase channel) is once again, a great place to go.)


Hello! Gimhook creator here:

Windows has a feature where you can sign executables with a certificate, and they weigh the anti-virus algorithm on it to encourage developers to sign executables, however:

  • The tools used to build Gimhook do not have this (there are ways I can add this though)
  • Windows executable signing certificates are not free as in price.
  • Nobody cares.

It’s normal for smaller projects with windows executables to get instantly struck down by anti-virus software. Windows is a garbage platform (both as a user and ESPECIALLY as a developer) and there’s a reason why I don’t use it. I have always daily-driven Debian.

In fact, I only made Windows builds for Gimhook because the community pressured me to. I don’t even test those builds, I just test the GNU/Linux builds and call it a day.

If you are extremely paranoid, I would recommend building it from source. This is really easy to do, even on Windows. The instructions are here (although I forgot to mention that you need to also install Git): gimhook/docs/usage/ at master - gimhook/gimhook -

Also, don’t install untrusted mods! While it’s not possible to read the session cookie with a mod, you can do other things with it that are EXTREMELY dangerous since mods have authenticated access to your Gimkit account and can send anything to the Gimkit API. When in doubt, read the code before installing anything.

(and yes I am the creator of Gimhook, if you have any other questions feel free to ask me)


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