GIMBUSTERS:GIMS UNLEASHED thumbnail help (poll)

So i am making a ghostbuters game and i need the thumbnail

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  • kat’s
  • blackbird’s
  • mine’s
  • sad’s
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I can make one, but I’ll need a few hours.

ok sure, take your time.

Do you want any gims in particular, or custom gims?

I will try to make one, if that’s okay.

for @Blackout, sure why not.
for @SAD, try to make a gimbuster gim with a proton pack(laser thingy they have) have 4 of them with different skin colors and hairstyles.

I can make it do you want it to be drawn or photo shopped or both

All done
record time of 28 minutes.

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could you make the gim like i said in the other reply

I’ll try to make one if I have time.


I kind of fixed it, plz rate it.

I know nothing about the game(other than it’s ghostbusters) but overall, that is a good thumbnail. 8.6/10(assuming it fits the game well)

you might not want to use the og ghost buster logo it could be copyrighted

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ok let me fix that right now

they cant copyright a Gimkit map.

They can report them

Alright I finished

used my own custom gim(one of my oc’s):

(also I didn’t put the ghostbusters logo.)

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is this good @Spydecraft245 ?