Games showing absolutely no plays and they have been on there for months

I need help my games were posted a few months ago and they have no plays at all. And when I search them up they don’t pull up.

If you have extra gimbucks repost it unless u have the pass
or just tell me what your working on

are you sure it is published?
do you have a link?

oh, and the discovery search engine is really weird: you have to search by description. try putting your game’s name in the description!


Yep… I sure do i don’t understand why this is happening

Dont feel to bad same thing happended to me with one of my games myn gets one play like every week

I dont have the pass and no more gimbucks :pensive:

But i have had mine on for months

I searched the exact name and it did not popup

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that’s what i did i don’t understand

The error is often what Karl said. To get around this, I would recommend adding something unique to the description. For instance, my among us game has ” ඞ” in the description because it’s unique and will make it easier to find if a friend wants to play it.

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it does not pop up at all though for me but not friends i was worried it was not posted and there was an error

The same thing happens to me sometimes too. Don’t worry you are not alone. You could use a dev name for yourself like 456try (Tryeverything) and put it in your desc. and it will popup. Make sure when you type in the dev name make sure nothing pops up like Noice Incorporation.

Which Karl totally didn’t teach me that the character ඞ existed…

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You could also add other things in the desc. to make it searchable.


I did it still doesnt pop up.

No results found. Try searching for something else!

Did you add Noice Incorporation in the desc. in your game?

literally just add Noice Incorporation


Is that what i add.