Games showing absolutely no plays and they have been on there for months

completely normal sometimes u just have to have special characters like hat said besides my map has been on there for as long as yours and it still has 5 plays lol some peeps just havent seen it yet and as for it not appearing in the discovery it may take time for the map database to update so who knows maybe it will pop up in there sometime later?


Try using a unicode text converter (like a cursed text generator) in the description, as nobody uses unicode characters anymore

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I know what it is… its the checker, it checks for certain words like live j0in and testing to prevent live games…and other words not yet realized that make it so its published but some words in discription make it unfindable in it…just shorten discription and change wording until it shows up…trust me ive tested many times, thats how you fix it!

Just try it and if after about 5 minutes it does not appear shorten discription even more…if that doesnt work after you have totally undone game discription where it cannot be hiden for live game or other violations then its your game title…
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