Game overlay help

So it 100% works?

hey rusty nice job for getting the credit

What do you mean?

This is exactly what I used in monopoly, basically an index system. Each name is then stuck to a property and a number, allowing you to use concat to speed up the process.

The game Monopoly or A monopoly?

The game. I was working on a 25-square beta of the game back in June using popups to display everything based off of space number, and a reference system was incredibly important. I think before I quit, I had almost an entire spreadsheet in Gimkit.

So you tried to make Monopoly in GIMKIT?

that seems awesome as heck

Yeah, and it was working extremely well. Only reason I didn’t finish it was because I got bored. @Here_to_help was ALSO working on Monopoly at the same time, and he actually finished his!

is there any proof left of the map?

like any living info to see it?

No, except old things I posted on the forums. It wouldn’t take long to recreate it though, and feel free to look for those old posts if you’re feeling up to it!

Could you find them?

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The closest thing would be the four player turn taking system that I basically stole from _____Land. The map that Monopoly was on has been turned into something new three to four times by now though.

And there’s this, not sure how finished it is

You know I lurk this website for People who need help til about 9 or 10 :face_in_clouds:

Im always watching behind the white screen

unless you have dark mode on which ruins my joke

You should probably get back on that I’m interested to see how it turns out. (Don’t reply via E-mail it creates a new topic for some reason)

I’ll probably make it when I get a free map slot sometime or other. Currently, all three of my map slots are filled with not unimportant stuff, and until _____Land the almost-map I made in one day gets an actual lobby and a test group, the game just isn’t worth deleting.

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