Game Overlay Amount Limit

I was wondering if it is possible to make more than four game overlays (item trackers) appear on the screen? And if it is, how could I do it? I tried to add multiple overlays in one corner, but only one thing would show. I’m guessing that making the overlays appear in the top or bottom middle of the screen wouldn’t work, but again, if it is possible, could someone show me?

Yeah. It’s not currently possible. Sorry.
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I don’t know how else you can accomplish item tracking. Maybe add an overlay that changes the other overlays to the other items you want to track?


Heres how!

Overlay, when clicked, it goes to another page with more overlays! Hide the previous overlays, then show the new ones!

Which can help track items.

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Um, you wouldn’t mind showing me how to do that, would you?

Or, feeling fancy?

Link every linked item to a property, then have a overlay that opens a pop up or notification, then create text showing each property, which would be every item.

Heres a somewhat complex one.

Please make separate help topics for that.


Thank you, this helped a lot!

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