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Okay, last thing before the game is ready to be played. So basically you go around the maze and collect keys and once you collect all of them the game ends (more or less), but I want to have it so if the time runs out it says “Hunter Wins” and if you collect all keys it says “Prey escapes”. Any ideas how?

you could have popups that open slightly before the game ends

Well for your game just have the settings make it as long as you want it then get checkers (I think… with an end game device

I think you can edit what the leaderboard says at the end of the game.

how would i do that?

End game widget is what you need


ok lemme try this, ima mess around with it for like 20 min get mad then do it tmmw

Here it the options on it:

( You get it from the devices section. )

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yeah i got there i honestly dont know what to do after that… if you couldn’t tell this is my first game lmao

If you look in this guide, you can find how to use the end game widget:

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Well, you need two things: a timer and a checker. The timer should count down, and when it hits zero, it needs to broadcast on a channel (Z). On channel Z, the “Hunter wins” end game widget needs to be activated, the game needs to end, and the Hunter needs to be given enough points to win. The checker should check every time one of the items are picked up. It needs to check if the number of item you have = the number in the game. If so, broadcast on a channel (Y). On THAT channel, the “Prey escaped” end game widget needs to activate, the game needs to end, and the prey needs to be given enough points to win. Hope this helped!

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