Game not appearing

what do you mean, i did save changes… not sure what you mean by re-publishing it…

so when u published the game unpublish it then publish it again

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okay let me try it then…

That… wait… don’t you have to purchase it again to publish though?

yeah, i also was wondering that

yes that is correct
idk why they didn’t add a warning

would all the plays it already have, go back to 0?


yes, sadly it will because u are republishing it

Screenshot 2024-04-17 12.46.16 PM

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You could just change the number to word form.
example: 4 = four

What? Anyway, welcome back!

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wait @vqnillaxx also got Suspended?

Reasons Why Your Game Wont Show Up In Discovery Here you go.


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so i got no option, but to republish it? also another question: would changing the title time to time affect anything, and have parenthsis alright?

Yes but [1]

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yes, parentheses are good and it wont affect if u change the title

This guide might help.


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