Game not appearing

How come i cant find my game in the discovery page, I tried to search whats in the description, but still doesn’t work, only if I search up my user… it shows all the games I made…

I’m gonna be honest, I have no idea. Just add a keyword to all of your game’s descriptions.

send me a picture of your desc! I can resolve this problem with a simple screenshot!


It searches up the description, not the title. put the game name in the description.


the numbers on your name is the problem!
the ai thinks its a code and automatically detects it and doesn’t show up on discovery

Add a made up word to the description, such as “Troblum” this word is not real, so when you search the word, your game will pop-up.

does the title having numbers fine?

didn’t know that, maybe you should make a guide on reasons a game won’t show up in discovery.

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I’ll do it rn and tell me any improvements
@WolfTechnology what should the title be?


not it is not and numbers in a order of 3 will detect!
@bluebird291 and don’t forget to mark a solution!

good, we need it. These post are yet a bit annoy to sort of figure out.

Reasons why you can’t find your Game

should i remove all the numbers?

no, those are fine

yeah if the ai mistakes it for java, then i suggest you do.The description, title is fine.

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okay i changed it to this

but when I searched up bedwars, I don’t see the game

did you republish it?

what do you mean, i did save changes… not sure what you mean by re-publishing it…

so when u published the game unpublish it then publish it again

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