Game not appearing in discovery again

i think i made another topic about it, but its closed but I did what people told me, removing the numbers and republishing it, and I still don’t see it in discovery, I think I just wasted 1,000 gimbucks, and all the plays it had before…

have you searched its description?

yes, i searched it, word for word… nothing

huh, it may have been taken down.(by a mod) have you looked at this guide for any other possible reason?

yeah i have checked that…

here is the title and description:

then all i can think of is it was removed for some reason. If you still can’t find it as of right now, message(email) pharlian on this.

what was the email again, i think I lost it.

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bump , i still havent received an email from gimkit, anyone else know?

are u using a school email, cuz school emails block stuff

no im using personal

ok then can you give me the name of the game and what you sent them? i can email josh or gimkit again on it.