Game Ideas For Guides

I am wanting to make more guides to help out the community, but I am starting to lose ideas and im a designer not a coder, so if you can help give me ideas that i can make(i can do pretty advanced art) I woud appreshate it.



You could try to learn to code.


yeah, but i cant really teach my self that.

You could make more guides on making complicated items out of other things (like the vending machine)

Make a temple filled with egyptian prop-art.


No, like absorb a bunch of guides until you learn to code. Learning by osmosis, I guess.


yeah thats what i mean, i need those ideas, but i already made a vending machine guide.

Or an egyptian based game



Did you actually take that from me?

don’t make @Here_to_help mad, it will be bad.

no, I tried to reply to your post, but that failed for some reason.
Yes, it was your idea

Or an Egyptian game.

I dont really want to make a game, i want art or prop making ideas, i have a map just for were i make them and it has over 35 different creations on it.

No problem! Also, wolf what do you mean don’t make me mad? Are you referring to me and CringeKarlScott?

no it was a joke, i was saying you would go crazy, but nvm.

Well ill do a pyramid, so what do i mark as the solution?

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