Game Host questions

I wanna make it to where the host is assigned to team 1 as soon as game starts. Also is there any way I can make cool host powers. :slight_smile:

Connect a lifecycle set to “game start” to a teamswitcher that switches the player to team 1. It should use the host by default.

Here’s a guide for dev options!

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If the game mode is cooperative everybody is on the same team. If there are multiple teams,
Place a Lifecycle device, and a team switcher.

Event Occurs > Switch Player to configured team.

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Thank you @wingwave im really happy to be here thanks for the warm welcome if you wanna see my map im building thats on this topic lmk ill send you a publish link or something.

Publish codes aren’t allowed on the forum. You can post them here:

Sadly publish links aren’t allowed on the forum, they used to be but the chaos they caused made the gimkit team ban them.

Im actually a member of that site look up my profile. profile/brayden-shelton1/profile Message me and ill for sure message you the link :slight_smile:

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You can post codes here on the wixsite and people can playtest your game
Wait never mind wingwave already made a post about it


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