Game help Request! Please!

My last one got no attention, but how do I make it so that The player takes damage upon request. Like button pressed → Hurt player.

umm you could comment on it to alert attention again reposting is a little annoying

Ooops sorry! I will remove my last one, but do you know how??

because the titles are identcal and you mentioned it

I know… … But still! do you know how?

whoops, sorry! i realized this solution doesn’t work, one second.

YOu could wire a button to a laser. If you want them to die one shot, just wire the button to a respawn device.

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But killing them is not what I want to do, Just damage.

that can be fixed by setting the laser damage to a number lower than the players health.
you could also use pseudo health instead.

… That is kind of off topic …

you could just use a zone device that is connected with wires to a channel that does damage

player goes through —> damage

bruh a topic has off topic just to be called off, not a comment

??? How would it deal damage though.

omg i’m such and idiot i forgot to metion the lasers. once the player goes past the said point, it will activate lasers. the lasers will probably do 10 - 20 dmg, enough to not ko the player

But uh, If the player move left and right really fast they could damage spam themself.

Set their speed to 0 while the laser is active then.

wait why would a player do that?

Accidentally, or they want to bug out the game.

Or if they want to lower their health so that humans win.