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Ok. I’m making a ending game and I need endings. I have a few in mind already but I don’t know if they will work. Description and Characters are down there.

You are stuck in your room because your sister is having a party. She doesn’t want you to be seen at ALL. Your friend Mark calls and tells you to escape to play games at his house. Explore the house and DON’T get CAUGHT by your sister and her friends! Either that or you can go and explore the small city of Korini!

Mark (Best Friend)

Sister (Lexy/ L Bozo)

Party People (Don’t be seen by them or else… except for Josh though he’s nice.)

The Oogaly Boogaly Man (IRL inside joke with me and my friends/Hometown Hoax/Earwax Eater)

Josh (The cool party person/your sister’s crush)

Mr. Mist (The Mean owner of the Mall)

Dr. Woof (A doctor that’s a dog How did that happen?)

You can use any of these characters for your endings.

PLEASE use this format

Ending Name _____

Characters _____

Description _____

How to Get _____

(P.S the oogaly Boogaly Man is an inside joke I made up for my friend group… he eats your earwax at night. DON’T ASK WHY OR HOW I CAME UP WITH THAT I HAVE NO IDEA)


so you need ideas? alright.

Ending name: Caught

Characters: You and Mr. Mist

Description: You stole from his mall, and he found out! Now he’s gonna punish you!

How to get: steal from his mall

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Ending Name: The Butcher Ending:
Characters: Mark, Mr. Mist
Description: Mr. Mist chases you into a meat shop, takes a butcher sword, and slices you into pieces!
How To Get: Annoy Mr. Mist and insult him

Don’t mind it being violent…

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Ending name: Spotted

Carecters: you and the party people.

Description: You got caught by the party people. wow you bad.

How to get: You get spotted by party people.

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Why… How… Why AND how did you come up with that? I’M SCARED!

Can you change the name to just “Spotted”

Oops… for me? Uhh… sorry about it being bloody.

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Ending name: WHERE AM I!?!?!

Characters; You, and The Oogaly Boogaly Man

Description; the Oogaly Boogaly Man kidnaps you and eats you like a meal :skull:

How to get: rarely spot him in the wild in a restaurant and go up and steal his food, (he needs to at least get something after you stole his food, right??)

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It’s good. I’m laughing at it.

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Oh My Energy GimBlaster-2000. That is crazy. STOP WITH THE GRUESOME ENDINGS!

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Also, don’t let this become a chat.

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I love it how people are using my inside joke for endings. I thought nobody would use it… (Btw he eats your earwax at night)

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Yeah, he calls that dessert :skull:

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ew. how disgusting. ewwwwww

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“A little taste of salt”

Ok stop it bro, you are crazy :skull: :ear: :brown_circle: :yum: :oden:

Ending Name: Snitched

Characters: Sister, Lexy

Description: You got snitched on by Lexy for doing bad things

How to get: do something bad like steal a piece of candy from her? I don’t know

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Eeding name: Heart broken.

Carichters: you, josh, and sis.

Description: You got caught flerting with your sis crush

How you get: You talk with Josh and rizz him up. sis should be at party and sees you with Josh and gets heart broken.

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In a couple of hours I’ll announce some ideas I think will be good. YOU CAN STILL insert more endings. I’ll just make another one.

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umm… I wouldn’t put that if I were you,@GoofyIzzyGuy, it does not follow community guidelines because it is too violent.

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