Funny bug with tag zone

this is a pretty unimportant and doesnt rly change much, but its kinda funny lol

so basically, if you take a tag zone, and in “tag distance” type in “1.2”, it, like, autocorrects to “1.2000000000000002”.

like, look at this:
try it for yourself lol

anyways bye
karl out

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for barriers you know the setting where you can make it kinda visible if you put 70 it’ll turn into 70.000000000000000000000001 I think

oh yeah look at that lol

how is it off topic

what? no, it’s definitely not. it’s a gkc bug. what else is this category for?

just wanted to say it’s solution

it’s a floating point error (computers cant do math)


oh my bad i thought this was help I am getting kind of bored and forgetting stuff and I do not no what is happening and i can’t really help

Just fyi this isn’t really a bug and it isn’t new either. Its a common problem between all computers

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