Speed: 1.4 = 1.400000...1

Whenever I type in 1.4 in the speed part of a speed modifier, it turns in to 1.400…1. Not sure how this even works.



This is an error with floating point addition. It’s at the core of every computer, and there isn’t much that can be done about it, aside from rounding to like the nearest thousand.
TL;DR: Computers can’t do math

why not round to the nearest 10th

also wait a minute werent computers designed to do math

Yes, they were! Sadly, becuase the way the system for adding decimals was made, there will small inaccuracies. Nobody has managed to fix this in the past 60-80 years, not for lack of trying of course

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yeah i thought id see someone would say smth abt the floating point here. it’s not really a big deal, it allows for the number to be more accurate compared to other ways of dealing with it

I thought google can do it…

Google rounds their answers slightly

Hmm… They round up 1+1?

If google gets an answer like 0.20000000000004 they will round it to 0.2


Well… dont use floating point. Us somethin like double/decimal math even if that may be a bit slower…

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