Fun designs with Props

dude, it creates clutter if there are like 25 of them, if there’s only two then its fine

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Nice bump. I felt it all the way from here.

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Dude. A bump is just to get the post back to the latest posts so people can see it again!

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I know, but it’s fun to play with words.

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I’ve created my own design

This is Fred the praying mantis!
You can see the origin of Fred on this guide and this post specifically :


I have a bunch of “warrior” aliens that I made for my game. (they don’t have a name they call themselves yet)

Screenshot 2023-12-05 140410

Blue/purple: Minor
Red: commander
Gold: Zealot

(the aliens are overly religious btw)

You can see the conversation in the creation going into these guys here:


You mean under 18?

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Most likely, they mean like an underling.


Rank. :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

What is so funny, Rusty?

Please stay on-topic.


Some people who recently submitted their own designs, just had it added to this post!
More will be added later!
Submit yours to get it added!!!
Have a great day.

Three new designs added! Check them out!

Praying mantis picture isn’t working.

yeah the pic didn’t quite work, @gerk_supreme

you need to let it load 100%

Screen Shot 2023-12-06 at 10.34.00 PM

I have a design made with props, if you get a barrier, tint it white, and with a black barrier, then put an item spawner over it then it looks like a shelf, also you can place a button to make it accessible

a note to @gerk_supreme
ONLY a note for Gerk_supreme
Im being FR, this is only for gerk_supreme
You probably aint gerk_supreme but oh well

This was in the running simulator map lol XD

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Okay, guys! I fixed Fred the Praying Mantis

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