Could anyone help me with enemy design ideas? (SCI-FI)

You could combine that with pseudo-health for a posion effect idk


Death by BUGA.
if there was a way to make this smaller it would work perfectly in the “cannon fodder” category.


possibly. can you link a guide?

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You get to see the Harbingers’ technology in the game I posted on the WIX.

Mini mantis! (his name is Fred) @Rusty

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Hmmmm… but how would it attack now?

(Fred is a good boy)

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Hidden sentry?
(extra characters for fred!)

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You can’t have hidden sentries :frowning:

You can surpass the character limit by doing this : <gfyhgfyhggvfg.> but without the period

I know and you could try to disguise the sentry into the background like with a rock with no collision

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Yeah but if we are going the “army of tiny bug” route, wouldn’t it be weird to have a gim sized rock behind everyone of the mantises

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That is like mine and cool ideas

We are talking about smaller than player enemies (I think)

Maybe have a big rock and hide more than one or share one between 2

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maybe if its in a cave hide them behind a pitch black barrier (also hi fred)

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are you talking about big mantises or small ones?

Yeah I kinda assumed that’s how we where going to do that, however the problem lies with how we are going to get the mantis to attack the player.

(how’s the “warrior” alien going?)

small ones

Yeah actually the prop problem happens with both of them…