Full Among Us Map How-To!

Hello, Gimkiters! It’s me, Landyn, back with a new guide! My last guide for this topic was just a showcase, so now that I’m back, I’m going to show you how to make your own! I highly recommend only using this guide as a, well, a guideline. I wouldn’t make the map LOOK identical to mine, mainly just because if everybody DOES make the decor and/or the tasks the same, it’s gonna get boring. Now, as with the mechanisms and the devices…you kinda DO need to follow the guide, word for word. This is a Work-In-Progress, as this guide will take quite some time. But other than that, you’re good to go!


What You Will Need:
1 Lifecycle
1 Team Switcher
1 Wire Repeater
2 Relays
2 Popups
Step 1: Go into your “Map Settings” and go to the “Teams” tab. Copy these settings.

Step 2: Grab all of your devices. Set aside the Popups for now. (They’ll come into play in the next step.) You don’t need to change anything for the lifecycle, but copy these settings for the relays.
Relay One: (The Crewmate Relay)

Relay Two: (The Imposter Relay)

Now, wire the lifecycle to the IMPOSTER relay. Event Occours-Trigger Relay. Next, grab the wire repeater and copy these settings for it.

Wire the lifecycle to the wire repeater. Event Occours-Repeat The Wire Pulse! Then, wire the WIRE REPEATER to the CREWMATE RELAY. Wire Repeater Recieves A Pulse-Trigger Relay.
Step 3: Now, grab the popups and copy these settings for both of them.
Popup 1: (The Imposter One)

Popup Two: (The Crewmate One)

Now, wire the imposter relay to the imposter popup: relay trigger-open popup. Do the same thing to the crewmate one, and you’re done with that section!

Killing System

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Dead Bodies

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Emergency Meeting

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Optional: Tasks
Optional: Decor

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