Free idea for those with the season pass

I just had the coolest idea. As we all know, there are going to be platformers and a beta version for the ones with the season 3 pass. What if (with the help of a lot of triggers and properties) you could make smash bros ultimate!!! You could make the maps and the jumping functions would already work. That would be awesome! (I totally don’t have 270 hours on SSBU and I totally did not get it on Christmas lol)


That would be really cool…

O M G That is a great idea! How come nobodies thought of this?

I don’t know. It just hit me

That would be a really cool concept.
I see no reason why this wouldn’t be possible.

But what about copyright?

I alreday said this on the padlet… just ask christal and badkarma.


yes but if you say its not affiliated and its not a direct copy it should be fine.

Smash Ultimate is really big.

Like, ludicrously big.

GK8 has 10 characters, which is a lot for a GKC game.

Smash has close to 90, all with unique mechanics, physics, and the like.
That’s without even talking about the bonus features the game has.

Smash 64 may be more acheivable.

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Just make like Merio in luegi (literally just change the vowels in the names of the fighters

it would have to be powers and abilitys, not characters.

1-there is only 60 without DLC

2- it still would be possible if you only have a couple of maps

Yeah I know. I bet you could change the weight of the character and jump height when the release it. You could also do speed, weapons, and power boosts to help with that.

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like a random player sorter/voter on the map? Or like a TFG system.

  1. There are 69 without DLC.

  2. Yeah that’s true, but noone really splits up a game across maps. Who wants to host a whole new game just to go to training mode?

yeah not sure if a gravity device is a thing, i think it is, no one knows.

Just have a game overlay that resets everything

You’re overestimating how much memory GKC lets you have.

yeah they need to extend it.

I don’t know if it is a thing. Just saying is should be and probably will be (makes sence to add it)

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