Free idea for those with the season pass

Still, if it is one map, it could be doable. (I know GC does not have a lot of memory)

Better idea GEOMETRY DASH!!!

it would, but like what else would be added? for smash bros you need knockback, combos, and speed jump. and we don’t know if that is a thing.


that is one that im sure BH is already making.

Would it make sense to add those thing tho? YES

Also is smash bro ultimate, the thing with like people battling in a small 2d area (Sry my mom don’t let me play vid gm so i am noob at this kinda stuff

yeah, but not the combo.

That is true… No games in gimkit are EXACTLY the same though

I’m getting the pass so I’ll update you on this idea

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All right! (Let me know if they add these things and I will start brainstorming for when it released to everyone)

You could also make a parkour thing to get to like a flag in a CTF game, ik I’m probably gonna add that when its free to the public to my huge map

That’s a good idea too!

Right now I just have a hall with lasers defending the flag, but it would be really cool if you had to have some skill to get to the flag

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On a completely unrelated side note, can someone make a wolf gim, facing backwards for my PFP?

This has already been thought of, though.
There were just people waiting for platforming to be released in GKC.

really… (I thought I was the first one) I am still going to make the best one (eventually when it comes out the the public or if by some miracle someone clicks on the link in my bio)

Well, good luck.
I don’t have the season pass yet, (probably never will get it)
but platforming might be worth it. Or NOT. :sob:
Okay, yeah, so is this topic finished?

yeah, I would say so. I will mark it as complete, though it wasn’t really a question

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