Forum Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips/tricks to add cool things to your comments/posts!

  1. How to make cool lettering, and bypass the 20 character minimum!
    A. You can simply make cool lettering by adding a character at the front, and back of the words you want to change.
    B. to do this you have to put ` in front and back of your word/words.
    Screenshot 2023-06-06 6.22.10 AM
    C. To do italics, you simply have to put an odd number of * on either side of your writing. It could be 1, it could be 3, or even 21, as long as it’s odd.
    Screenshot 2023-06-06 6.26.34 AM
    D. To do Bold, you simply have to put an even number of * on either side of your writing. It could be 2, it could be 4, or even 80, as long as it’s odd.
    Screenshot 2023-06-06 6.28.31 AM
    E. Last but not least, you can bypass the 20 character minimum by having bold or italic font with a bunch of * on either side. (I also should note that if you pass the original 1 or 2 * then it will sometimes be both bold and Italic, as seen below.)
    Just type hi like this and you’re sure to pass the 20 character minimum!
    Screenshot 2023-06-06 6.33.26 AM
  1. Do you like emojis? Well, here are some tricks!
    A. You can search for emojis by putting down : and then letters after it. You will end up with something like :green_square:, but it post, it will look like :green_square:
    B. Quick tip, if you bold emojis, they will be bigger in post. :green_square:
  2. have you seen


  • Or this lately,
  • And you couldn’t figure out how to add them?
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Don’t worry, it’s simple, they are just hiding under the settings icon.
Screenshot 2023-06-06 9.44.45 AM
5. Anything else you want to know, or think I should add? Just leave a comment! :slight_smile:


@GimAI /gimai_rate post

really useful (extra characters

moderators suspended it’s account, it might be gone forever, you can look at it’s bio for info

Wdym “moderators suspended it’s account”

its temporarily or permanently banned from posting


(testing this out)

Ofc, people trained it to do random stuff

The owner’s hard work of putting the ai into effort, now got ruined

yeah but now it probably wont be able to post to anyone that needs help anymore so idrk, we probably just lost an important member of the community but its good to move on and learn by yourself instead of depending solely on the ai

Did mythtaken got banned? I’m just askin

yeah that’s the biggest reason why i feel bad, they didn’t have control over what ppl did with the ai

nah i dont think so

Right here!!! XD xxxxx

Well, myth, what are you going… to do now though?

Since GimAI got suspended

Wait for it to go back online

it might not ever go back online though, imma leave before this gets off topic, and i get my posts deleted too

It won’t. It’s suspended. It can go browse the forum, but they can’t post anything.

Same, cya. Ima keep working on my game