Fortress Design Help

So I’m making a bedwars styled game, and I need fortress outside designs. I’ll make sure to credit you.

My constraints:

Made of props
No interior suggestions

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Well, so if you want a castle, then layer stone blocks similar to the haybales in this guide:
How to make a Pyramid in GKC

Add some shields on the castle walls, some standards, a portcullis from tinted poles, and a gate from a wooden sign or table.

You could also add a moat and drawbridge [functional or decoration].

Does this work?

castle maybe? I think that would be good like on some maps in the real game

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Yeah, that’s pretty much what I was thinking, except with stone instead of space boxes, and more meticulous layering and spacing:

This is from a game I already had, it was not made just for this help post. This took 45 minutes of layering.


woah, that looks really good! and I like your idea too, maybe we could also use the new castle walls assigned, or you could do an outpost, close to Minecraft maybe.


Nice! Can I use an idea like that in my game?

if it’s medieval, then maybe use a bunch of stone walls and columns

if it’s something else then maybe you shouldn’t ask me because i feel like my head is melting like cheese (read my bio for that)

Yes, you may. I don’t really care if you credit me in-game or not.

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Ok. I’ll make sure to credit you for the fortress design.

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