Fortnite Reboot Help

how do i make it to where when you get rebooted it plays a text or voice line if possible and how to I make it save the score?

it wont let me say d…i…e


I’m changing the title and it from devices to help because the title was not clear at all.

But you can’t really reboot. When you get knocked out, and change the player to spectator, you can’t change it back. So it has to be in like a box.

Pharlain said schools are sensitive to words like that so use words more like knockout.

how do you mack it to were it keeps track of how manny times you di…e

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But game overlay, life cycle.

Life cycle listens for player knocked out, and it transmits a channel. The game overlay, make a block for it, receives on that channel. Then, place down a counter that increments every time from the life cycle, and is linked to a property, lets do playerknockedout.

Now, in the game overlay, with blockcode, do create text with how many times you were knocked out, and on the bottom, do get property, and the playerknocked out property. Don’t forget to put a space after your text so they don’t collide.

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If u really need to say that, use the word: knocked out

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Not mini modding, but please stay on topic. Plus, I gave you your answer already. So lets not argue about spelling anymore.

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