Fortnite br map help

2 or 3, yes. just try it out, see what you like.

Only problem is that it populates the sentry limit a decent amount.

How do u do that though

do what?

Are u asking how do u stack them?

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if so, it’s easy. Just put multiple sentries on top of each other. Adjust their health adn remember its tripled if you do the same for each.

For the health bar for da boss

Here is a way to customize the bots to make them look a little more like the bosses in the game.

Customizing Sentry Skins

Oh, basically, when the boss is summoned, give the player 3 of the same item. Make it so when a sentry is knocked out, check for 2, and if it passed, hdie a prop. Repeat till there are no more health bar/ mini health bars to hide.

Do you have builds? Because this tutorial might help with that; how to make a fortnite building system

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YAYYY! my guide is getting shared! :>

Me in the background :smiling_face_with_tear: (I made the second one then like 2 others came up, saying inspired by my guide lol)

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what is it called?

Nah it’s fine. It’s in your guide by the way, lol. But just wanted to say.

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no, I want to see your guide.

Click your credits at the top, then go to his credits.

(or click my link first)

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I’m not angry, I just think it’s cool because other people got inspired to make their own guides, which the forums need definitely! :smiley:

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yes, I know you’re not mad, I felt the same way you did when someone told me that I inspired them to make thumbnails.

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Hows the map going since I was here last?