Fortnite br map help

I alr completed most of the br map but it dosen’t feel complete so I kinda need some ideas that I can get for my map

What do you have so far? Or better yet, what do you NOT have?

I have basically everything exept for mount olympus

Ok. So from this season.

The big statue is definitely a big part for Mount Olympus.

Then again, it is 2 dimensional, so…

Here’s snooty steppes

with the boss and vault

Thas actually really good!

Maybe for MO do like that, but with a skin for zeus.

Just so you know, you’ll have to chance your Game Name (Fortnite) and all the POI’s to different things to avoid copyright laws.

Yea. For snooty steppes do shooty steps or something.

Do you have an actual boss? And also like the challenging animation? That could be cool, also add teh boss drop of medallions and their mythic. Zeus could be like a slingshot since its a dmr, or something similar.

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the current name is just gimpix

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Yea. And Grim Gate could be the evil eye as the shotgun…

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And i do have the boss his name is pixels

The one for the underworld is named midnight

and for cerberus just put multiple sentries on top like a shotgunny effect kinda

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Oh ok since he has a gatekeeper shotgun so i guess i need 2 other sentries


Yea. And for Hades a bunch of synced ones stacked. Like 1 shoots then the next then the next, etc. as the smg effect…

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yeah, then you can put above him a health bar with props, and every time a sentry is knocked out, it can remove a bar.

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