Football game host can choose a game time

Ive asked about this before, but havent gotten a straight answer, and I’ve changed it up. but is something like this possible? I am not good at figuring this kind of thing out, so I need a clear answer from someone. This would set the time in game for American football but it would abide by regular rules so overtime can happen

use cheakers so when i reaches 0 the game just ends
now I’m bad with checkers but I think cheakers will be your best bet.

but how do i make a timer?

using counters for the timer

have pre-set timers with different times and depending on what button is pressed, it activates a timer

wow your good with this stuff I was thinking cheakers that would check it the counter was at zero or not

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checkers can only check properties, item amount, and I’m pretty sure one other thing, so the counter would have to update a property that is checked

Yeah you can make it, just wire the button to a trigger with a delay of whatever the player chose, then when it triggered end the quarter