FNAF Help Please

How do you make a really good FNAF map if Given An Answer it needs to be step by step, I’m not that gifted when it comes to gimkit creative, i keep changing my mind but i thought FNAF might be cool to make, Please help me with my struggles,
Also side question is there a limit on comments and posts after your first day?


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No one really has a step to step

No there is no limit.

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@LEPRECON2024 welcome to the forums!

Thank you so much, I’m Glad to be apart of it!

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bro these were from at least a week ago, can you just be a little nicer when saying it, i forget a lot…
not mad at you bc your just trying to keep me in line lol, thank you for it.
im quite new to the forum so yeah…

no, you werent rude…
Im just saying thank you, i know that didnt seem like it, bro your good.

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