Flee the Facility ideas

I need some ideas for flee the facility. Please reply, and no off topic posts!

you could make it where there are senterys that attack you when you try and run

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i especially need some ideas about the beast, computers, and survivors.

also please when your making you map, try and make it high quality, (there are so many maps that are like “walk 3 step you win”

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I like that! However, i like the idea of a player as the beast better.

Truth. Or, they are way too hard.

elaboarte pls

also mabey ask this question again in the morning around 10:00 central time, becuase thats when there are the most people there to help.

Maybe think 'bout searching stuff up next time, so you don’t have to waste time typing…

I know, but I want to add a class called a defender. They can attack the beast and stun him.

How 'bout u make the beast a player? Wait a sec…

Another crazy, yet fun game is Flee The Facility. Have players collect research by hacking computers for a very long time. Have another player become the Beast, and have them capture players and have them automatically teleported to a freezing container. Whenever everyone is captured, the game ends!- saids @California_Love

what, please finish

Good job, you two! I will make it soon!

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you computer is probebly laging

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Not wasting time, cluttering the forum

Also, @CoolGimkitPlayer speling iz noot dificelt.