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Here is the incredibly useful guide on making a jar of mayonnaise. (Way better than Miracle Whip!)

Set down a text device. Change to a Glass Jar emoji.


Add a mayo-colored barrier and set UNDER the text


Now make a dark blue circular barrier and a dark blue rectangular barrier. Set on top of the jar, and center the circular barrier.

Lastly, set down two more text devices. The first one says “Mayo” in White Strattlitches or whatever it is. The second one is a bow emoji.


That’s all! Thanks for reading!

Ooh! Nice guide! And, I love the idea!

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I hope this helps hehe

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This is what it’s come to, ok.


What? You dont like it? @GimSolver Someone had requested it….

Come on. We don’t need guides this short and this random. Just because a user jokes about have a guide like this doesn’t that we need this guide. Be reasonable in making guides. Don’t make guides that virtually no one needs. This means that either people know how to do it or there is no real need for the guide.


Better random than making something where someone talks about maniac stuff.

Thanks. Now i can finally make this on gimkit.

I mean by no real need for the guide, virtually ANY art would fall under that category. But whatever. How do I delete it?

Yes. And that is why art guides are bad. But too many people just post random art guides to showcase what they did.

I mean, i guess it could be useful for cooking games…

Not really a showcase but OK… I have already asked how to remove it, so just tell me and we can move on…

How many people make cooking games?

Are you going to use the guide " How to make an escalator"?



I have made one and I have heard SEVERAL people make them. Also shop and cafe games?

That gave me a great idea! The next guide I make can be a coffee shop.

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Ok, but people don’t need to look at a guide to know how to do this. A general rule is that if it doesn’t take a lot of effort to make the guide, don’t make the guide.

But I worked really hard on it :frowning: big sad.

Anyway do you know how to remove it or are you just going to bug me about it for eternity…