Flagged topic DO NOT REPLY

You can’t remove it. Moving it to devices and changing the title is the closest thing. And I don’t think that placing a few barriers and text is working very hard.

I know how to delete the post, but I don’t think it can be removed. ( If that’s what you’re talking about. )

This is not even possible to add to creative, make the jar in the game or please don’t post random stuff like this, thanks.

It is possible! It is text!

you already posted this Functioning Kitchen Utilities!

I was saying the whole project the jar and label, plus the title really made the post look bad. ngl

it did thanks im probaly gonna use this

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I mean, I wasn’t the one who bumped it….

i know, but i bumped it to get the mods to see and archive it(aka remove it from the forum).

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This is not new. This was made BEFORE the kitchen utilities…. Everyone hated on it so I moved it. I was told it would be deleted. It wasn’t. Not my fault

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Gotcha… Sounds good.

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Its not your fault, im trying to get it removed, thats all. No hate from me at all.

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Yeah :slight_smile: That last one was a response to Foxy….

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I didn’t know sorry

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If you could make the jar look smaller to be in a cafe game, and add a bunch of other foods, (Like about 5-10, maybe more), then I think nobody would bump it…

Lets stop talking on this post, and @Godspawnking it could be the worst art in all of gimkit or even the best and it would still get bumped.

No, no problem… :slight_smile:

Also @Godspawnking. Yeah maybe I will on my kitchen thing, but lets move on from this guide….

True, but I’m just saying, he could make it better… I don’t make art guides, yet I think I should have an opinion on this. I’m sorry, I’m going to move on.


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