Flag Waypoint Point thingy

Would I use a waypoint that tracks the location of a player and a flag device to to that thingy in capture the flag? Set the waypoint to player, the scope to team, and then, wire the flag to it Flag picked up- Activate waypoint. Would that work?
Edit: No, it doesnt, and I need help making it work

yes, I think that would, that’s a very good idea @Gim_Fishy !


be sure to mark a solution, since, ya know, its kinda done now…

@Gim_Fishy is right, lets stay on topic

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make it flag picked up

wait what

bump because i need an answer

wait what if the flag is captured you give a player an item and you wire the flag to a checker and the checker to a waypoint?

Flag Picked Up > Grant Item

Flag Picked Up > Run Check

Check Passes > Activate Waypoint (type is tracked player)

Check Passes > Grant Item (removing the item granted)


That could work hmm…

captured or picked up?

picked up i mean, oops, if it was captured then the other team wouldn’t know before it’s too late


can you try this? it does not work for me

Hold on.


Okay, I don’t know what seems to be the problem but it won’t work for some reason.

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What did not work?

This post above:

It sounds like it should work, maybe its the check passes for waypoint.

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Yes, that’s what I did.
The waypoint type is also player.
Can you test it out @WolfTechnology?

I can’t right now, but I can later.


Bumpity cuz unresolved and im unpatient