Flag Layers Bug

If I look in the layers setting, it says that I have three flags in my “Above” layer. But in reality, I have literally nothing in my view, as shown in my screenshot. And yes, I have refreshed, closed out the tab, and reopened the tab.

What is going on here?


Maybe try removing the floor?

They might be just out of your view, layers take those devices into account too.

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But that floor’s the very bottom, I can’t remove it.

So flags just remain in your layers forever?

Maybe change the floor?

Nope, still there. And now a friend joined them: Map Options (two bugs in one).


What happens when you click on them?

It shows the settings for 3 of the flags that I have in my game. I think it may be a flag bug. Once they show up, they stay up.

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what if you change the layers of the flags (ex: you move them down)

They move normally like how a prop/device should.

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