Fishing game dispensing trouble

I’ve been working on a fishing game and the item granters for the loot table are not granting the fish. Any ides how i can fix this?

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Did you follow the loot tables guide (try to debug it and find the problem) and may i see your setup?

yes i followed the guide

this is the setup

Do the fish dispensers have a loot table?

Is your button hitbox (configure this in bottom left of button settings and click the Change Size button) bigger or as big as the lake? I don’t find any other issues in your setup

no they do not have the loot table only the bait one does

It is bigger than the lakes

Im not sure about this, try checking the different dispensers and bait

Can I come in your world rq to see the problem? But has to in the wix or sum

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or here:
Gimkit Community Forums

come in this one

I would but im at school and they block it

darn it

Are you sure? Im in school and its not blocked

Yeah same with me but its different for some ppl

Yea our school system blocks like everything and i could but dont wanna get in trouble for circumventing it with a brute force attack on the pc

I have an alternate website here:

Im not even able to sign in srry

Maybe you could send us emails?

possibly i dont know if thats allowed tho

Do yall know if that is allowed?